This time we are awfully late; here’s the last post of our 100-day trip (English only).

So, back to the 8 days after the meditation retreat, we crossed the border to Thailand by train. Previously, before getting to Thailand we left from George Town to get to Padang Besar to receive the beloved stamps on our passports and entered Thailand territory. That day, we wanted to be as close as we could to the islands at the southeastern part of Thailand so we got off the train in Surat Thani and spent the night and the following morning in town.
The following day after exploring the town we left to Ko Samui and were pleased to realize it was quite easy to get around.


Thailand compared to the other Southeast Asian countries is very well organized for transportation and tourism.

After a minivan, a bus, and a ferry ride we arrived in Ko Samui. It was in the late
afternoon, when we stepped into the hotel and found out the owner, is an Italian guy, such a nice surprise.
Chatting with him we realized we chose the best time for traveling there because it was a low session with very few tourists. There were no crowds at all on the beaches or even in the streets.
For dinner, we finally got our first Thai curry dishes… Ludovica feel in love with the taste and the spices so the next few days we only ate dishes with curry 😀


As always, we rented a scooter in order to freely explore the less known spots around Ko Samui: Thongson Bay, Samrong Beach, and Silver Beach.

Our next Island destination was Ko Tao to which we enjoyed more than Ko Samui. Probably because we like to be in places less crowded and not so touristy. However, Thailand can be both full of people and very commercial, but we lucked out.
This is why we strongly recommend traveling there in May. Big discounts for hotels and ferries that are pretty much empty.

Anyways, we really appreciated the tiny and cozy Ko Tao primarily because of the
great diving spots.
One pleasantly surprising moment that happened to us was during our second dive about 14 meters deep when a sudden darkness came over us. We both instinctively looked up and it was a huge and awesome whale-shark swimming above us. This was another priceless gift from the ocean.


After 4 days hopping from island to island, we left to the mainland saying farewell to the sea and its inhabitants.
We left to the Chumphon railway station to get to Bangkok.
We woke up at 4 AM in Bangkok’s suburbs and through the windows we could see the poor parts of the city waking up: bathing, cooking, cleaning…

Finally, Bangkok!

During our travels, we heard many different opinions about this metropolis.
For Alice, it was her third time there and she still thinks it’s charming and a must for Asia.
Bangkok is full of contradictions, magnificence, rich history, and lust.
The city has many souls, as many as the Buddha positions.




2 hours north of Bangkok, we visited Ayutthaya by train. Ayutthaya was the old capital of Thailand during the Burmese wars. The city is surrounded by rivers and is an archaeological site full of ancient temples ruins, Buddha statues, and pieces of Buddha statues. There are famous remains of a giant Buddha head entangled in the roots of a banyan tree.
We rode a motorbike through the streets of the small town to get some fresh air and escape the heat of that day however it wasn’t very refreshing.
Despite the heat, Ayutthaya is worth all the droplets of the incredible enormous amounts of sweat we produced. Thanks to the shades of the trees and the vast ruins, we mustered the strength to keep going on visiting as many shrines as possible.






Above all, the curries were superb. All Ludovica could think about was what to eat and which curry dishes to choose from.
The Emerald Buddha of the royal palace in Bangkok was nothing compare to theflavors of the food.
Thailand gave us the best food of South East Asia and we bought as many kinds of curry paste as we could, one of which, carefully hidden in Ludovica’s pockets smuggled in the Sky bar (no flip flops allowed, but curry paste was!) and spent a few hours with us while sipping cocktails more expensive than a train ticket.

Curry has many souls, more than the Buddha positions.

This is the end, indeed the end.



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